About Canvas RevealX

Canvas RevealX is a brand new art product, designed developed and patented by XPS Polymers Inc. A company dedicated to the development of digital surface decoration technologies. Canvas RevealX, which has been aptly described as a ‘Brand New Artform’ has been developed in response to a growing market need for a new canvas painting product that enables the digital capture of images to be integrated with the timeless creation of oil painted works of art on canvas. 

Paint by numbers reimagined
A printed image ready for Canvas RevealX

Painting by Numbers first came into being in the early 1950’s. It is a process by which an original picture is created, divided into shapes, each of which is marked with a number which corresponds to a certain color. The user paints in each shape and the picture ultimately emerges as a finished oil painting. It became an art and craft phenomena and a NEW ARTFORM in its own right, because it uniquely, allowed anyone to create an oil painted work of art, even if they had never taken an art class.

The ability to print direct to canvas using an inkjet printer, was first introduced to the market in the early 1990’s. Since then it has become globally accepted as a NEW ARTFORM in its own right, and now printed canvases can be seen everywhere, and anyone can buy a printed canvas with whatever picture, painting or photo they desire on it, and then simply hang it on their wall, for all to see, and all for a very affordable price.

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Canvas RevealX is a stress-free one of a kind oil painting art experience. ‘A modern day painting by numbers, but without the necessity for paint or the numbers to guide you. It is a process that combines the latest digital printing technology with the age old techniques of painting on canvas. It will provide you with a unique interactive user experience, where you become the artist and you get that awesome feeling of pride and accomplishment as stroke by stroke you gradually Reveal your picture, and when you are finished, you stand back and say to yourself, that’s my picture, I did this, I just created a Masterpiece.