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Learning to Reveal

This is where you will find a complete guide to creating your very own masterpiece on canvas, which includes; a complete, getting started video tutorial guide, and many tips and tricks to help you make your Reveals, the most satisfying and rewarding artistic experiences you could ever wish for. 

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How to Reveal Your Canvas Masterpiece

Each 'Canvas RevealX Art Kit’ comes with everything you need to create your very own oil painted canvas masterpiece, from any digital picture. The process is simple. First you will place your canvas on a flat, surface, and then you will use your RevealX Oil bottle to put a few drops of oil on canvas and use the paintbrush to paint over the canvas to Reveal Your image, and when it is dry you will have a stunning piece ready to be displayed. 

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Beyond the Reveal

This is where we are going to introduce you to professional artists who go beyond the Reveal itself, to create beautiful renditions of their original artwork. To do this you will see they use many different types of paints, gouaches, inks and artists mediums. Watch our featured artist Marisol as she Reveals her original art and creates brand new art in a fraction of the time it took her to paint her original.

Featured Artist

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Marisol Torruella

Marisol was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is a professional artist, who has exhibited her work at major museums and galleries in both Puerto Rico and USA.  Marisol paints her pictures mostly with mixed media and as you will see from the video, that she found it very easy to integrate RevealX with the mixed mediums she uses.


To start the process, Marisol sent us digital pictures of several of her paintings and we then made them into Ready to Reveal canvases to her. As you will see, she was able to Reveal each canvas in a very unique way. 

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